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F.lli Milanesi offers cutting-edge solutions for energy efficiency and the production of energy from renewable sources. Our primary goal is to reduce the costs incurred by our customers for the purchase of electricity and heat, with significant benefits also for the community and the environment.

Heat pump systems

A heat pump is an innovative and eco-friendly technology that uses thermal energy from external renewable sources such as air, water and the subsoil, for heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water, making the home environment comfortable.

The air-water heat pump: uses the thermal energy contained in the external air to transfer it to the system water;
water-water heat pump: type that uses the thermal energy of groundwater;
geothermal heat pump: uses thermal energy from the ground.

Installation of latest generation boilers

F.lli Milanesi specializes in the supply and assembly of latest generation boilers with low polluting emissions  which allow you to access the superbonus and tax incentives.

Solar thermal system

A solar thermal system is a system that uses energy with solar radiation to mainly produce hot water and for integration to the heating of domestic environments.

Biomass plants

Is the ideal solution for heating your home with a fuel derived from nature: woody biomass consists essentially from wood and represent a renewable energy source. Biomass allows sustainable energy exploitation, modern technologies have made it possible to develop high quality heating boilers with very high and low efficiency. Polluting emissions. Ideal solution for any structure located in non-methanisable areas.

Geothermal plants

A geothermal system uses the natural thermal energy of the earth, air or water, which is transformed through the energy heat pump to power the heating, cooling and domestic hot water production systems.

A geothermal system has the great advantage over traditional systems of performing a double function: heating the home environment in winter and make it cool in summer, thanks to a technology that respects the environment and is advantageous from economic point of view.