Our Services


F.lli Milane is specializes in the supply and assembly of gas and biomass boilers and heat pumps for both heating and the production of domestic hot water.

Design and installation of heating systems such as:

  • Radiant heating system with radiant panels
  • Traditional heating system with radiators and fancoils.

Underfloor heating system with radiant panels

Radiant floor, wall or ceiling system is a new generation method used to heat and cool the rooms.

Radiant heating allows great energy savings, as it works with very low delivery temperatures to traditional systems.

The radiant panels can be powered by condensing boilers, heat pumps, biomass generators and integrated by solar systems and air treatment systems. By combining these technologies, living comfort and energy class are improved and management costs are reduced.

Traditional heating systems

The radiators are the terminal element of the heating system, through which the heat contained in the water comes transferred to the room to be heated by natural convective motion.

The amount of heat that the radiator transmits to the environment, depends on its surface, precisely on the "radiant surface”, the one that allows heat exchange.